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Royal Savannah Jasper

Our Guarantee

You will receive the exact pick of your choice. While we do not guarantee exact measurements, (remember cutting rock is not like cutting plastic), we produce picks in the customary styles of Traditional, Jazz, Teardrop, and Triangle. We are very accurate with the thickness and we do not sell picks with cut marks, pits, or grinding marks. Our quality control and pick shaping is unmatched in our industry. Please contact us right away if there are any problems with your order. We will not accept returns unless you contact us to receive a return authorization code. All sales are final ten days after you receive your order.

This guarantee does not cover accidents, abuse, misuse, negligence, or damage from the modification of any part of the gemstone pick.

Privacy Policy

Solid Rock Products will not sell, trade, lease, or distribute our customers' personal information.

Many players fail to realize the remarkable difference that a quality pick makes. Thousands of stone picks in stock...many gemstones to choose.