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Royal Savannah Jasper

Stone Pick Care

Residue from guitar strings and fingers rub off on the tips of stone picks just as they would with plastic picks. The use of soap and water and a soft cloth will remove the unwanted residue. Wiping your pick with rubbing alcohol will also clean the stone pick. If your type of gemstone pick had an original luster, which many gemstones do, it will return.

Carefully beveled edges slightly rounded and then highly polished allow the stone pick to glide cross the strings. Our stone picks will never harm your guitar strings or cause them to wear prematurely.

Questionable Research

Although our gemstones are thousands of years old, Dirk’s research confirmed that stone picks are suspect to damage if dropped from the height of a twenty five foot cliff and landing flat on a bedrock surface.

Note: Additional research by Phil concluded that stone picks can be damaged when dropped from considerably less height onto a rock type surface. Phil concluded his findings without feeling the need to hold onto the pick during it’s free fall. Thankfully, this accident rarely happens, but it’s a fact, protect your stone picks and they’ll last many, many years.

Stone picks will last forever.
Many players fail to realize the remarkable difference that a quality pick makes. Thousands of stone picks in stock...many gemstones to choose.